Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bob Lutz: We can Flex Fuel a car for $120....

Bob Lutz has a frank and candid discussion with an Australian reporter on the Chevy Volt, hybrids and flex fuel. In perhaps an astonishing admission Lutz confirms the extremely low cost to convert a gasoline only vehicle to flex fuel. He goes on to strongly advocate for flex fuel over hybrids as a means to displace petroleum in the near term...

According to Mr Lutz , a lot of car owners who have large distances to cover and who cart things around with their families will not appreciate the changes. “They are not going to like the result of everything being scaled down with itty-bitty four-cylinder engines. It is not what people want.

“Now, you could avoid all of that trauma for $120 a car, which is what it takes to convert the fuel system to Flex Fuel (running on 85 per cent ethanol). You could avoid all of that and the world could continue to enjoy their Chevrolet Corvettes and Cadillac Escalades, the utes with their V8 engines, its Ford Falcons, we wouldn’t have to change a thing and we could get the world off oil.”
Lutz goes on to discuss the initial rollout plans for the Chevy Volt...

“Initially the production is going to be pretty low as we ramp up and make sure the battery suppliers can follow us with the volume etc, but at a very early stage we want to get to 60,000 a year, and then it’s ‘you name it’.”

California will be the first US state that will receive the Volt because its government requires car-makers to build a certain number of electric vehicles each year.

Mr Lutz said GM would then introduce the Volt in Washington “for political reasons” and subsequently in Florida “where no-one buys American cars anymore.”

He said the Volt would be a “re-conquest” weapon to win back buyers GM had lost to imports.

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Anonymous said...

This would seem to prove the point of Bob Zubrin, Vinod Khosla and others who've said it would be a trivial cost to convert all vehicles to run on bio-fuels.