Friday, March 21, 2008

Capping America's Gasoline Consumption Through a Manageable 'Eco-Fuels Program'

Raymond J. Learsy, of Huffington Post writes:

My two-part prescription involves weaning the automobile away from gasoline and putting policies in place that curb open-ended access to petroleum based gasoline. These steps are essential to substantially diminishing our dependence on fossil based fuels.

To begin, I believe we must create an infrastructure to power vehicles that use none or only minimal amounts of gasoline -- that is, hybrids/plug -ins or flex-fuel cars and trucks. This changeover would require:
• An electric grid system based on power generated from the traditional sources, but increasingly supplemented by nuclear,wind, and solar power generation, combined with greatly expanded delivery capabilities to permit the widespread use of plug-in hybrid vehicles.
• Broader cultivation and land use targeting greater production of ethanol from both corn and biomass to power flexible fuel/biodiesel vehicles (think of Brazil's astounding success with ethanol made from sugar cane).
• A national program to facilitate distribution of eco-fuels to a new generation of vehicles accessing alternative fuels -- plug-in stations for city dwellers, ethanol-pumping facilities, and so on -- must be as widespread as gasoline pumps are now.
• Policies designed to bring about an orderly conversion from gasoline-powered vehicles to hybrid, flex-fuel, and plug-in vehicles, including help for Detroit, car owners, and refiners that would be called upon to produce ethanol-rich gasoline formulations.

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