Thursday, March 6, 2008

Company Announces After Market Flex Fuel Kit...

If you want to run E85 in your automobile but don't have a flex fuel capable vehicle, you just might be in luck. A Brazilian company has manufactured an after market kit that will allow you to easily convert for flex fuel. No word on pricing yet...

Read the entire release from PR NewsWire

Flex Fuel Kit is manufactured in Brasil, the world leading country in use of Bio Fuel and Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV) technology since the 1970’s. Abcesso Technology have the best product for the after market, now available worldwide.

Flex Fuel Kit has been developed ‘with state of the art’ processors. The management system recognises the “Oxygen Sensor” signal to determine the correct timing for the fuel mix.

Once installed on a vehicle, FLEX FUEL KIT IS TOTALY AUTOMATIC; there is no fuel selection or switch required, no matter what the mix between Ethanol (E85) fuel down to all gasoline.

Update: I just found out that there is a US company offering E85 conversion kits for nearly every make and model of vehicle. Prices range from $400-$500.

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