Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Easter letter to Mr. Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman General Motors

Mr. Vice Chairman Lutz,

One of the great gifts of this fleeting life is to enjoy the fruits of ones labor. It has been said that the ability to enjoy one's work is reserved for the fortunate few who have been granted that grace by the Maker.

You are standing at a great place in human history. Let there be no doubt, you have been placed there by divine providence. As you undertake each day to make decisions that will effect the success or failure of the company to which you are employed, please do not underestimate the impact that your decisions will ultimately have on the future of mass transit, and to a surprisingly larger extent, on the path of future civilization. That's a bold statement, I know, but I really believe it.

You have the opportunity to steer the what was once one of the world's most recognizable brands into the spotlight of not only international automotive leadership, but also of environmental leadership and national and international security leadership.

Your efforts at championing a new era in automotive transport with the diversification of energy and propulsion that you are undertaking are to be hailed and fully supported to the extent that they have the opportunity to bring forth dramatic shifts in multiple industries. Please keep up the good fight.

Know that there are those of us out here in the hinter lands that are watching intently for the results of your labor to bear fruit. We are cheering you on in this moment of great opportunity and challenge for our states, nations and the planet earth.

With your commitment to alternative fuels such as ethanol E85 you are in a position to help bring forth the change necessary to provide fuel choice for the first time in the history of mass transit.

Perhaps even more promising, your development of a viable plug-in electric vehicle has the capability to revolutionize the future of automobile travel. That cannot be overstated.

Chevy Volt has the potential to not only revitalize a tarnished brand (and if it's successful, I have no doubt it will), but it has the opportunity to completely change the automotive marketplace. Along with that change, will come a whole host of reciprocal effects that cannot even be measured at this point. You are no doubt aware of them, but it bears repeating: decreased emissions, petroleum displacement, increased national security, decreased trade imbalance, and on an on. I'm not saying this little concept car can right all the wrongs of our current oil addicted society and the requisite problems that come along with it, but I am saying that large changes are most often started with a spark, a small but impactful moment in time where a visionary people seized an opportunity and made it their life's passion.

On this Easter day, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Risen Savior, Jesus Christ. GM's resurrection pales in comparison to this singular event on which the whole of Christianity is based. However, in terms of the future of the country and the automobile itself, the resurrection of GM is paramount.
You are standing at the precipice of a historic turning point. I will pray that you fulfill the destiny set before you.

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