Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Startup's "Ethanol Reformer" Makes Fuel Consumption Breakthrough

Alfred DiMora of DiMora Motorcar & Ron De Shay Producer, American Idol plan to use AGH's patent pending "Alcohol Reformer" in their new hyper luxury flex fuel automobile.

American Green Holdings, a renewable fuel manufacturer headquartered in Crane, Mo., has announced that its proprietary ethanol reformer technology is now commercially available for agricultural use.

The "ethanol reformer" is a patent-pending technology that efficiently processes fuel-grade ethanol in stationary engines, reducing hourly ethanol use in irrigation systems by more than 50 percent while substantially improving emissions.

According to Russel Gerhke, inventor of the reformer, the technology uses ethanol’s flame speed to match the engine’s workload in a different and more efficient process than carmakers have achieved using fuel injection and carburetion alone. “People for too long have believed that they would achieve their best results with ethanol by having the fuel match the air,” Gehrke said. “Instead, we use the waste heat energy to increase the engine’s volumetric efficiency. Ethanol’s higher octane number allows us to do the same amount of work with a great reduction in fuel.”

The reformer was originally developed by EcoSense Solutions LLC in 2006 and subjected to a rigorous testing process. The testing stemmed from research on a new air valve for carburetors on a 460-cubic-inch, Ford big-block engine, which injected a blend of 80 percent ethanol and 20 percent water into the combustion chamber. After AGH acquired EcoSense Solutions in late 2006, the technology was refined to be used more efficiently, according to AGH Chief Executive Officer and Founder Dale Wiley. “Now, we have a much better version than the original one that’s ready to go wherever people need it,” he said.

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