Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wal Mart poised to install E85 at over 3000 US stores. $1.99 fuel anyone?

Wal Mart is considering placing what it calls "America's Fuel", E85 ethanol, at each of it's 3000 stores nationwide, including it's Sam's clubs locations as well as the Murphy Oil fuel centers that are operated in it's parking lots at over 950 locations.

"Our goal would be to make E-85 available across the U.S.," Rich Ezell, senior strategy manager of fuel at Wal-Mart, said recently.

"That would be a complete game-changer," said Reid Detchon, the executive director of the Energy Future Coalition. "Everybody knows where the local Wal-Mart is. You would immediately know where to buy E85."

If Wal Mart follows through on this plan - and it fits in perfectly with their new environmental stewardship initiatives - we would soon see $1.99 per gallon E85 within driving distance of almost every American. Short of a congressional mandate to require all new cars sold in the US to be flex fuel capable, this move by Wal Mart would be the kick start that the E85 industry has been looking for.

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