Monday, April 7, 2008

Artist Render: Updated side profile rendering of final Chevy Volt design

Lyle over at has just posted an updated hi resolution version of the Chevy Volt wind tunnel video that came out of last week's tour of the GM tech center. He's also listed some comments from Volt team's lead designer, Bob Boniface on what has changed and what stays the same from the striking design of the concept vehicle.

We here at PetroZero love to pull out our photoshop tools and set them to work on uncovering the mystery that is Chevy Volt. In that spirit, we present our rendition of the final design profile...

The top image is an unretouched shot of the concept vehicle. The middle image is our artist rendering of what we believe is to be the final production vehicle. The lower image shows the rendered shape with an overlay outline of the original volt concept shape (in red outline) layered over the top for comparison.

From the images you can see the differences as expressed by Bob Boniface's comments below:

-it will look unmistakably like the Volt
-overall proportions have changed
-front end is much more rounded
-roof height has gone up
-low rear overhang stays
-dropped belt line is still there
-length is identical
-very sporty and athletic
-has a nice stance and rake

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PetroZero said...

Some notes on my photoshop work:

- back deck has been extended up
- roofline has been raised
-front windshield has been extended forward significantly
- front wheels have been moved back to accomodate the rounded front.

The work was done entirely in Photoshop by isolating specific areas, making a copy of just those areas, and copying them to a new layer. From there, I used Photoshop's Scale, Skew and Distort tools to tweak the individual shape to match the wind tunnel model that was revealed last at the GM media event.