Saturday, April 5, 2008

Updated Volt Spy Photo Rendering

Last night I posted a photoshop rendering of what the new design Chevy Volt might look like, I posted a link over at and it started a bit of friendly competition to unmask the new Volt.

In my original post (see the post directly below this one), I used photoshop to trace the outline of the camoflouged pic of the 1/3 scale final design vehicle that was shown in the (by now infamous) wind tunnel video.

In this photoshop rendering, I've used some morphing techniques on the original concept vehicle to effect the new shape seen in the wind tunnel tests. I'm well pleased with this version as opposed to the more Prius/Civic look of the previous rendering. Who knows what will be revealed once GM takes the wraps off, but it's definitely fun to speculate...


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PetroZero said...

Thanks! This stuff is pretty fun right now. The important thing is that this car gets built, and preferably in time for the November 2010 launch. Bob Boniface put forth a very inspiring design with the concept vehicle. I think we were all a bit bummed when we heard the initial wind tunnel results.

Hopefully with more of a cab forward design and raising the rear deck a bit, the CD numbers will be inline with acceptable tolerances.

Anonymous said...

Also I have heard that the production Volt will have smaller tires. Your photoshop still has the larger tires.