Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Could $4 Gas be the Magic Pill We've Needed?

You might have to sit down for this, but I'm pretty stoked about the price of gas lately. Especially now that it's passed the magic $4 a gallon mark. How could this possibly be a good thing you ask? Let me count the ways...

Now that the magic $4 threshold has been eclipsed the national conversation has inevitably turned it's sole focus to gas prices, the lack of practical fuel efficient automobiles, and our transparent and anemic energy policy. And that's a very good thing indeed.

It's something that we've needed to get serious about for far too long now. I knew we had reached a tipping point when I flipped over to Fox News last night and heard Bill O'reilly calling for a government mandate. In this case it was a flex fuel mandate, one that we've covered here in numerous pages and Orielly is basically adopting the Set America Free blueprint in that regard.

Orielly's contention is that this, plus nuclear power is our last hope to stave off an increasingly likely oil war. Although I believe the flex fuel mandate is needed, I don't agree with Orielly that it would be in my top two options to avoid an imminent catastrophe.

I believe that the future is electric and in particular, plug-in hybrid vehicles are the key to averting our collision course with continued reliance on foreign oil.

But that's just my opinion, what say you?