Monday, June 16, 2008

The Future of Transportation is Electric

There is growing consensus that the future of our transportation system is electric. More specifically, plug-in electric via the conversion of vehicles (new and retrofit) to plug-in hybrid tech.

Already we are seeing the first signs of an imminent battle brewing between Detroit and Asia as GM readies the Volt for an all but guaranteed production run in 2010 and Toyota, always super secretive and tight lipped about it's future plans, has more than hinted that a plug-in Prius is forthcoming (perhaps in Lexus branding).

Both candidates for president appear to be in favor of plug-ins as a means to help wean us from petro. McCain is being advised by none other than James Woolsey, whose Set America Free Coalition is a prominant supporter of the plug-in initiative (Woolsey himself not only drives a retrofitted plug-in Prius, but has become a travelling ambassador for the concept).

The thing that has been missing from the hourly national debate that has ensued in the wake of $4-a-gallon gasoline has been an emergent plan from either candidate on a comprehensive energy policy, or even better, immediate action on legislation, that will help steer us clear of energy disaster and into energy victory.

While we wait on either candidate to put forth a bill that makes America and energy leader as opposed to an energy hostage, America's fate hangs in the balance...

Will they act?