Thursday, June 26, 2008

GM Stock Plummets to Near all Time Low: Is it too Late for Volt to Save the General?

Continuing its downward spiral that began in 2000 when the stock was trading near $100 a share, GM stock fell to a near all time low today of $11.

Could it be too late for the Volt to save the General? It certainly is looking like the Volt might be in danger of outliving it's creator.

Despite opportunities to exploit the Volt during the spate of recent bad news, GM has yet to release an updated photo rendering of the redesigned Volt concept.

It has been speculated that the Volt might be the spark that ignites the GM flame anew. However, the Volt has lost luster of late due to speculation that it will cost more than anticipated. This, coupled with recent high profile moves by Toyota, Nissan, Tesla and Aptera among others, have collectively shifted the spotlight that once belonged almost exclusively to the Volt.

Of some concern is the fact that its been months since GM announced that the concept car would need to be redesigned (for better aerodynamics) and still no one outside of the GM team knows what the resultant design looks like.

While once riding a wave of publicity when the aggressive and stylistic Volt concept was first unveiled, GM has missed several opportunities to capitalize on this momentum and has lost significant ground due to an inability to counter negative news with timely leveraging of the Volt program's progress. The lack of product buzz along with the repeated string of bad news, factory closings and the like have all turned investors cold on the GM brand, despite any fading promise that the Volt program might someday bring.

Can the marketing gurus at GM wake up and start playing the Volt card before it's too late? We better know soon or it might not matter.

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Daryl Kulak said...

Title should be "GM" not "GE." Scared me for a minute! I knew GM was doing poorly but I didn't think GE was.