Saturday, July 26, 2008

4000w Maxi Scooter...Vectrix Killer?

The race to electrify the transportation sector is well underway and cannot come soon enough. However, thanks to industrious (low cost) Chinese manufacturing, electrified scooters are here today and improving in speed and range at a rapid pace.

We recently became aware of a 3500 watt e-scooter with "ThunderSky" LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries coming to the US (courtesy of China). Now we hear of a 4000 watt model. Early pricing indicates that the 3500 watt scooter will retail for around $3999. No word yet on pricing or availability for the 4000 watt bike. The video below appears to indicate that both bikes orginate from the same manufacturer and although it's more than we've seen to date, we are still awaiting more video indicative of the real world speed of these e-scoots.

Update (July 30, 2008): According to pre-order customers of these new bikes, they have arrived on shore and have shipped as of Monday. We will post updates as folks begin testing their new electric scoots!

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Javier Centenera said...

We are on heavy duty for this models...The presentation to the Spain, Portugal, Belgium and France Markets is boiling up.

The expectations had been overcome...Test results has been a success and, as sooner as posible, We´ll publish the scores to the worldwide.

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