Wednesday, July 30, 2008

EEStor Confirms Progress Towards Commercialization of its Technology

Texas based EEStor has just announced a major milestone in the development of their super capacity battery technology. The EEStor technology promises to revolutionize energy storage in everything from stored energy of large format wind and solar installations to electric car batteries.

The EEStor energy storage units, based on barite, have the potential to hold several times the energy at a fraction of the weight and cost of lithium ion chemistries.

According to this Wikepedia entry on the technology...

A full charge should give the capacitor sufficient energy to drive a small car 300 miles (480 km). Although the technology should allow very fast charging (e.g., 5 minutes), standard household wiring is not capable of delivering the power required for this, so charging times this short would probably require purpose-built high capacity dispensing stations.[4] Overnight charging at home should still be practical,[5] as is using a second EESU for the home which could be charged overnight using cheap, off-peak electricity to then charge the EEStor unit in the car in 5-10 minutes on demand.[6] Also, according to Ian Clifford, a normal household outlet with 110 volt supply can fully charge the EEStor powered CityZENN in 4 hours for a 250 mile range and a normal household outlet with 220 volt supply can fully charge the EEStor powered CityZENN in 2 hours for a 250 mile range.
An ancient Chinese proverb holds, "May you live in interesting times". Though there is much debate on whether this statement is meant as a blessing or a curse, and with potential disruptive breakthroughs such as this - ones that have the potential to completely change the future of automotive transport almost overnight - we are indeed living in interesting times.