Saturday, August 16, 2008

GM Video on Redesigned Production Volt and Before/After Visuals

Above: Chevy Volt designer Bob Boniface reveals before and after design elements on the final production version of the car.

Below: We've taken screen grabs from the video to discuss the before and after design elements.

Click the images below for Larger Format:

Above: Here we see the more rounded front design of the production Volt as discussed in the video by Volt designer Bob Boniface.

Above: The original design for the side mirror mount.

Above: The final design for the side mirror mount results in a more aerodynamic shape. Nice!

Above: side by side comparison of the rear quarter design. On the left we see the concept and on the right, the final production design. Of particular note is the "vertical fin" shape that now defines the rear corner of the car. This design provides a "trip device" to quickly detach the airflow from the vehicle to avoid having an "air pooling" effect in the car's wake. Notice that the concept Volt elements have been kept largely intact. We still see the transparent rear deck lid (it even looks to be more prominent) and the rear brake lights have been made larger.

This shot shows the shape of the rear spoiler before. Notice the flat shape in the inset graphic.

Above: This photo shows the slight upward slant at the rear edge of the spoiler. This small design change resulted in 1/2 mile more range!

Below: Actual images revealed in a recent ABC News segment show the final design elements as reflected in the graphic depictions above: