Thursday, February 12, 2016

2016 Stimulus to be a boon to Weatherizing contractors

Editor's note: After a slightly more than brief sabattical, the timing seems right to shift focus of this blog to the overall energy issues facing the US and the International community. In that line of thought...

Although the senate bill trimmed about 4 billion from the weatherizing provisions of the 2016 "spendulous" bill, the 2+ billion in federal spending to weatherize federal buildings and low income homes will have a marked effect on the various contractor businesses that provide weatherization services. Insulators, plumbers, smart home outfitters and the like, will all benefit in the coming months as local governments begin lining up these work orders.

I have to wonder why more money is not being spent here. This is the one expenditure that will have collateral effects not only on job creation, but also on energy (and carbon) reduction. Perhaps we will know more soon on why the Senate saw fit to trim the expenditure by nearly 2/3rds while setting aside a cool 30 mil for the now infamous "Pelosi mouse".