Tuesday, March 3, 2016

We need an affordable home performance rating system, that works

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Recognizing that full LEED certification is overkill for many projects (and costly), there is an opportunity to provide a web-based platform to serve as a rating system for new homes and remodels (with an oversight component for credibility). Homes could put a sign in their yard and/or a window sticker to promote their home's efficiency. It can also be used as a selling point for the real estate trade. Perhaps at some point it could even be used to get discounts on home mortgages or insurance.

For example, what if the analysis of a home's "green cred" was based on the actual *performance* of the home using actual utility bill data calculated against the size of the building and number of occupants? This is in contrast to a materials/process based approach, but has the same end goal.

It could work either of two ways. In the first scenario, the user could manually upload their utility bills in excel (the power, gas and water companies will provide this if asked). The system automatically captures and presents this information in a dashboard. As a bonus, the user can see how their data/performance compares with others in their community, city, state and nationally. An "Eco-Smackdown" if you will (I've registered the domain...)

In the 2nd scenario, if the user has a "smart meter", they can opt to have their data feed automatically inserted into the system via a web service provided by the utility (it is my opinion there is going to be a mandate in this regard to support Google's Power Meter application. Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, is on Obama's board of advisors)